The Portland Conversations

Welcome to a new conversation made in Portland, Oregon. Designers Innovators Storytellers Scientists Performers Builders Interpreters
〰 The Groundbreakers Who Plant the seed And Watch it grow 〰

Made with love @PDXconvo ❤

Hi, it's me doc normal!

Remember me? It's been awhile since I've created a video podcast and I really miss it. I really, really miss it. Back when podcasting was young, I helped produce some popular and innovative shows that highlighted the movers and shakers of the social web, the early startup culture, the upheaval in the world of journalism, arts, music and just some really cool stuff. And I think there's some really great projects happening right now. But that's not the only reason. Projects just don't appear out of thin air on their own. They are conceived and created by people, often as a reflection of their own autobiography. I want to hear their stories and share them with all of you. That's why my first project will launch as a series of interviews called The Portland Conversations.

Where do you come in? Well, if you like this concept then you can help support the show to see that it continues. I've already invested a considerable amount into building a studio set, lighting and even licensing some great theme music. In order for the series to continue I will need your help and a monthly patronage will support the ongoing efforts to keep the show rolling. But wait, there's more! Patrons will get exclusive perks and recognitions and if everything goes as planned, I will expand production into areas and new shows that you would like to see- maybe even with other people behind the microphone! So I hope this invitation makes sense and you'll join me in The Portland Conversations and beyond...